Holiday Nutz Theme

Holiday Nutz Theme

Scatter seasonal nuts across your PDA


  • Attractive background image
  • Good use of colors


  • A bit boring


I only ever seem to eat nuts around Christmas time, so it seemed quite fitting for me to install the Holiday Nutz Theme during this festive season.

The Holiday Nutz Theme features, as you might expect, a load of nuts strewn across the background of your Pocket PC. It's the typical selection you'd expect to see in a bowl in your house at Christmas, including hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.

The Holiday Nutz Theme also applies a new color scheme to your Today screen, adding a browny-colored Start menu and some fetching shiny brown menu bars at the top and bottom of the interface. The colors match very well with the main image, making this one of the more tasteful Windows Mobile Christmas themes I've seen.

That said, you may find the idea of having a bunch of nuts as your background wallpaper a bit boring.

Holiday Nutz Theme


Holiday Nutz Theme

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